Dokbuaku Sensitive Herbal Toothpaste


“Relieve Tooth Sensitivity with Natural Herbs.”

Product Description                                                             

Specially designed to protect sensitive teeth in one toothpaste, Sensitive Herbal Toothpaste is the mixture of Java Tea, Little Ironweed, an organic herb that contains natural potassium nitrate reducing teeth sensitivityeffectively. The various herbal ingredients help reduce the accumulation of bacteria causing tooth decay and bad breath. Strengthen your gums and teeth. Leave you long-lasting fresh breath. Give it a try.

 Active Ingredient

  • Toothbrush Tree
    inhibit the growth of S.Mutans bacteria that cause tooth decay and plaque. Toothbrush Tree is anti-inflammatory.

  • Orange Jessamine
    inhibit the bacteria that cause bad breath. Relieve a toothache and prevent tooth decay.

  • Clinacanthus Nutans
    inhibit the bacteria that cause tooth decay and plaque. Heal the wound and reduce mouth inflammation to recover faster.

  • Cuttlefish Bone
    contain Chitosan to protect the enamel by returning minerals to the enamel (Remineralization). Also, it has Calcium Carbonate to remove stains for your fresh and clean teeth.

  • Little Ironweed
    heal the mouth ulcers effectively and contain natural Potassium Nitrate reducing sensitive teeth, inflammatory. Little Ironweed has cooling effect so it helps relieve the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome.

  • Java Tea

    java Tea is a herb containing natural Potassium Nitrate which helps reducing sensitive teeth and containing the antioxidant that can reduce the allergy and irritation.

  • Mangosteen
    inhibit the bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath. Cure inflammation

  • Centella
    heal the mouth ulcer, reduce inflammation and inhibit the bacteria and fungi.

    Pack Size 25g. 90g. 140g.