Dokbuaku Rice Milk Smoothing Shower Gel


“Nourish smoothly and softly the skin from the nature”

Product Description                                                             

Gentle gel texture. Free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) that is a cleaning agent. Which may cause skin irritation Especially for those with sensitive skin serve your skin more smoother and more softer. Moisturize and look touch With rice milk extract, honey and aloe vera, helping the skin look white and clear And restores firmness to the skin With herbal formulas selected for natural radiant skin Suitable for all skin types

Active Ingredient

  • Rice Milk
    helps stimulate the production of new skin cells. Make the skin moisturize, reduce wrinkles, freckles, prevent premature wrinkles

  • Pomegranate
    helps to tighten pores and reduce excess oil. Helps to exfoliate skin and reduce dark spots Due to the high amount of Ellagic Acid And helps adjust the skin to be clear and radiant

  • Aloe Vera
    helps increase skin moisture. Reduce dry skin cracking Inhibit melanin production Makes the skin look whiter And helps reduce inflammation of acne

  • Honey
    makes the skin soft, moist and helps to fight bacteria. Reduce skin inflammation and rashes and also help heal wounds Making new tissue faster

  • Papain Enzyme
    an enzyme in papaya rubber. Helps soften and moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles And remove dead skin cells

    Pack Size: 200 ml.

Dokbuaku Tamarind Whitening Shower Gel


“Reveal your smooth and clear skin from natural AHA”

Product Description                                                             

A gentle formula without SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), a cleaning agent causing skin allergy to especially sensitive skin people. Pamper your skin making it smooth and glowing by Natural Whitening Complex, with natural AHA from Tamarind and the mixture of Pomegranate, Lakoocha, Morus Alba Leaf Extract, and Vitamin C. Remove your dead skin cellsefficiently. Restore firmness and softness to your skin with the herbal formula specially selected for a naturally glowing skin. It is suitable for normal to oily skin.

Active Ingredient

  • Tamarindus Indica
    contain Tartaric Acid (AHA), a mild fruit acid for skin exfoliating and brightening. It reduces skin pigmentation by inhibiting Tyrosinase enzyme to make a radiant, fresh and firm skin.

  • Pomegranate
    tighten pores and reduce excess oil. Remove dead skin cells and dark spots because of containing high Ellagic Acid. Restore the skin and make it clear and radiant.

  • Morus Alba Leaf Extract
    Reduce melanin production. Contain antioxidant and High Vitamin C giving clear skin and reducing wrinkles.

  • Lakoocha
    Whiten skin because of containing the inhibitor of Tyrosinase enzyme, the cause of skin darkening. Inhibit hyperpigmentation that causes dull skin.

  • Vitamin C
    reduce the activity of Tyrosinase affecting the Melanin pigmentation which can reduce dark spots on the skin and brighten the skin naturally. Stimulate skin collagen synthesis.

    Pack Size: 200 ml.