Dokbuaku Everfresh Herbal Toothpaste


“Eliminate bad breath at 4 causes”

Product Description                                                             

Eliminate four bad breaths and experience a cool, refreshing, more confident than ever. With advanced technology from Transatak ™ evolution, combining natural benefits With traditional herbal formulas, uniqueness of Twin lotus For healthy gums and teeth Refreshing, rejuvenating all day long

 Active Ingredient

  • Toothbrush Tree
    inhibit the growth of S.Mutans bacteria that cause tooth decay and plaque. Toothbrush Tree is anti-inflammatory.

  • Orange Jessamine
    inhibit the bacteria that cause bad breath. Relieve a toothache and prevent tooth decay.

  • Clinacanthus Nutans
    inhibit the bacteria that cause tooth decay and plaque. Heal the wound and reduce mouth inflammation to recover faster.

  • Para Cress
    cure a toothache and relieve inflammation.

  • Licorice Extracts
    nhibits the growth of bacteria and prevent tooth decay and tooth enamel loss.

  • Cloves
    inhibit the microorganisms that cause Tooth Decay and Plaque. Relieve a toothache and reduce inflammation. Stop bad breath.

  • Peppermint Oil
    essential oil makes you fresh and exhilarated.

    Pack Size 40g. 100g. 150g.