Dokbuaku Kaffir Lime Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner


“Eliminate dandruff By Nature”

Product Description                                                             

Restore healthy scalp and fight dandruff with Kaffir Lime Herbal Shampoo, SLS Free formula that infused with ZPT & Herbal Extracts from Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass, Cassod Tree, and Aloe Vera that effectively fight visible flakes, gently hydrate scalp and reduce excess oil & itchiness. Experience the confidence and natural smooth & silky hair with long lasting aromatic.

Active Ingredient

  • Bergamot
    protect anti-fungal effect. Helps to moisturize the scalp Helps eliminate dandruff And reduce head itching Helping black hair become shiny

  • Lemongrass
    Helps reduce dandruff problems And control oiliness on the scalp

  • Cassia
    helps reduce dandruff And control it on the scalp

  • Aloe vera
    Helps to moisturize And reduce irritation

    Pack Size: 80ml, 200ml.