Dokbuaku Mangosteen & Salt Herbal Mouthwash


“Healthy Gums by Soft and Natural Herbal Mouthwash”

Product Description                                                             

Prevent bad breath and improve gum health. With the cleaning actions of Mother Nature and the benefits of uncontaminated salt, mangosteen, and various organic herbs, Mangosteen & Salt Herbal Mouthwash reduces the accumulation of bacteria, plaque, and stains. Strengthen your gum health for your healthy mouth throughout the day.

Active Ingredient

  • Toothbrush Tree
    inhibit the growth of S.Mutans bacteria that cause tooth decay and plaque. Toothbrush Tree is anti-inflammatory.

  • Orange Jessamine
    inhibit the bacteria that cause bad breath. Relieve a toothache and prevent tooth decay.

  • Clinacanthus Nutans
    inhibit the bacteria that cause tooth decay and plaque. Heal the wound and reduce mouth inflammation to recover faster.

  • Mangosteen
    inhibit the bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath. Cure inflammation.

  • Salt
    tighten gums and strengthen teeth. Relieve Gingivitis, treat Periodontitis and cure Toothache.

  • Clove
    inhibit the microorganisms that cause Tooth Decay and Plaque. Relieve a toothache and reduce inflammation. Stop bad breath.

  • Roselle
    anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral effects. Relieve pains.

  • Licorice Extracts
    inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevent tooth decay and tooth enamel loss. Freshen the throat reducing thick saliva (mouth dryness) and relieve a sore throat.

    Pack Size: 250ml.