Dokbuaku Original Herbal Soap


“Foamy, Fresh, and Fantastic Scent”

Product Description                                                             

Foamy Herbal Soap for Deep Cleansing. Reduce the accumulation of bacteria, the cause of unpleasant odor. With the mixture of Coconut Oil and Candle Stick, you will be satisfied with your silky, soft and refreshing skin. Give you total confidence throughout the day with the fabulous fragrance of natural herbs suitable for normal to oily skin.

Active Ingredient

  • Coconut Oil
    Soften your skin, prevent dry skin and relieve skin inflammation. Contains inhibitory agent that kills acne-causing bacteria.

  • Candle Stick
    Cure skin diseases, such asabscess, ringworm, and blistering. Inhibit acne-causing bacteria.

    Pack Size: 40g. 60g. 85g.