Dokbuaku Kids Orange Flavor Herbal Toothpaste

“Gentle and Safe Toothpaste with Natural Herbs”

“Gentle and Safe Toothpaste with Natural Herbs”

Product Description

Kids Toothpaste Orange Flavor is very gentle and safe formula. Clean gums and teeth effectively with enzymes from fruits, removing proteins from food and milk left in hard-to-reach areas. The mixture of Licorice Extract and organic herbs can efficiently reduce the accumulation of bacteria and freshen breath with sweet taste without causing tooth decay. The oral health of your children will be protected gently.

Active Ingredient

  • Papain Enzyme
    help break down the peptide bonds of Amino Acids in the milk to digest milk left in the mouth. - Destroy the protein of leftover food in the mouth.

  • Licorice Extract
    inhibits the growth of bacteria and freshen the throat reducing thick saliva or mouth dryness.

  • Orange (Orange)
    contain antioxidant that can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Pack Size 35 g.